It All Begins With Whole Food For Health

Why am I writing a nutrition blog? I am in my senior year in my endeavor to earn my Bachelor of Nutrition Science degree from Kaplan University. In my studies I have learned about various types of diets that are on the market and how they affect our lives. Just a few of them are the Mediterranean diet, vegetarian, vegan, paleo, holistic nutrition, and whole food. There are of course diets that are advised for diabetics, cardiac patients, and for renal support. There are benefits to these diets as well as negatives. I believe that whole food nutrition is the best diet we can choose.

Staying fit and healthy by running and lifting weights is important to me. It is possible to eat a whole food diet and get the energy needed for exercise or even serious training. It all comes down to getting a good variety of food during the day.

In this blog I want to share studies I read that are important for our health. Recipes that I or others have created that involve the use of whole food. How to eat to lose weight or maintain your current weight. If you are an athlete how can you eat to get the most out of your training and competitions. I will even share with you some farms that believe in a natural approach to growing plants and raising livestock.

Just a thought on the use of the word diet. I do not believe in using the word diet to mean a weight loss program. To me, a diet is the way a person eats to maintain life. I think that using the word to mean weight loss has people confused. If you want to lose weight just say, I am eating to lose weight and the diet I am eating to maintain a healthy life is vegan.

So, join me on a journey of food and living a long, healthy life.

Heidi and Me


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