Attaining Your Nutrition Goals

Before I really start talking about nutrition I think I need to talk about goals. Goals are important milestones for anything. Nutrition does benefit from having goals set in mind. Do you need to lose weight? Do you want to use nutrition to properly fuel for your workout? Having a goal in mind will help out tremendously.

I think the simplest way to set goals is to use the S.M.A.R.T. method.

S – Specific goals are clearly defined and makes it easy to attain. An example is (I want to lose 10 pounds) instead of (I want to lose weight). 10 pounds is an reachable goal to set. Another could be (This week I will substitute water for drinking a soda during lunch).

M – Measurable involves using numbers in your goal. Think of using time, weight, dollars, or days. When the goal is measurable you can countdown to your goal and see that it is getting close.

A – Achievable means action. This is an action that you can control the outcome. Using a goal you can control (In 6 months from today I will run my first 5k) is an achievable goal.

R – Relevant is a goal that you want to accomplish. If the goal is not important you are less likely to attain that goal.

T – Time specific needs to have a deadline. Today being April 30 you know that your 6 month goal to running your first 5k is October 31. This kind of goal is not vague. You can see the date coming and can work towards making your goal.

Nutrition goals can be attainable. We just need to be S.M.A.R.T. about setting them. Making a change in our habits can be hard, Setting a goal that you know you can achieve increases the chances that you will attain that goal.


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