Heart Healthy Eating

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Last week I had a little health scare. On Wednesday morning I went to the emergency room with chest pain. The pain was on the right side of my chest. That is a little different, but not unheard of. The hospital admitted me and kept me overnight for observation. This morning I had a Cardiolite Exercise Stress Test performed at the hospital which uses a radioactive tagged isotope dye. The stress test went well. I will see my doctor tomorrow or Wednesday for the rest of the story.

This event got me thinking about how we are eating to stay healthy. The Heart Healthy diet uses a lot of low and non-fat foods (something I am not a fan of). I am really staying on the diet just for doctor’s orders. Low and non-fat dairy are just another processed food that we should not be eating. I do not think that the intake of whole fat dairy has anything to do with coronary heart disease. Studies are showing that saturated fat in whole fat dairy and other foods are not as bad for our health as was once thought.

Eating healthy is not hard nor is it expensive. Canned or frozen fruit and vegetables are just as good for a healthy body as fresh is. Just make sure to check the labels for added ingredients in canned food. Some canned food makers like to add preservatives and other additives. The list of ingredients should be small. Frozen food seems to be better in this area since it is flash frozen with no need to add any preservatives or additives. Organic fruits and vegetables are much better for you. The only drawback is the cost. I think when stores start to carry a better variety of organic food the prices should come down.

Variety is the spice of life. Change what we eat so that the body does not become comfortable. Just like anything we do if we continue to run the same 3 miles every run the body will become accustomed to that effort. We need to change things up so the body says, Hey, what’s the deal! Beef, pork, poultry, and fish are all great. Eat fish a couple times a week. It does not need to be expensive. Frozen tilapia is just as good as fresh right out of the meat counter. Try meatless Monday once in a while just to shake things up. Breakfast does not need to be bland. Put some berries or other fruit in your cereal. Make a smoothie. The are many ways to make a delicious smoothie for breakfast. Make sure to eat vegetables of all colors. They all have different vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy body. Eat a good variety of grains such as brown rice, quinoa, oats, whole wheat, or rye.

I guess all I am trying to say is eat healthy. It takes a little planning, but it can be done. My little health scare was kind of a kick in the pants to make me think about how I eat. How does this pertain to running or other sports? A healthy diet is going to give the proper fuel to energize the body for that run or session in the gym.

One thought about the coming holidays. Eating that extra serving of turkey or stuffing just during the occasion will not do any harm to good heating habits. Enjoy this time with family and friends.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


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